International Consortium OILGASTRADE has been established under the auspices of the Russian Union of Oil & Gas Produces. It is aimed at the promotion of modern equipment and advanced technologies to oil & gas industry. The Consortium goal is both to meet growing demands of oilfield companies to the equipment and technologies and to cooperate on the matter of resources-based strategy of oil & gas production and future development.

The Consortium is operating for the promotion of advanced technologies and equipment mostly manufactured in the US and Canada. Among those are internationally recognised companies as follows: FARR CANADA (Canada), Superior Manufacturing & Hydraulics (Clincher™, USA) and PDT (USA), the divisions of McCoy Corporation, Westco International and Westco Products DBA WPI WELLKIN (USA), Service King Manufacturing, Inc. (USA), Hawk Industries, Inc. (USA), BVM Corporation (USA), DEN-CON Tool Co. (USA), JT Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc. (USA), Gill Services, Inc. (USA), Texas Products, Inc. DBA Ingram International (USA), Scorpion Oil Tools (USA), PIELKENROOD GROUP BV (the Netherlands), WINDLASS Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. (India, USA) etc. The company Cognitive Technologies (UK) Limited (United Kingdom) is an agent for McCoy Corporation and also is an authorised supplier of products of other companies listed above.

The Consortium product line includes thousands of units and models, namely drilling rigs, top drives, rotor equipment, swivels, hydraulic power and manual tongs, elevators, spiders, elevator/spiders, power units, wellhead equipment, BOPs, fishing tools etc. The list of equipmentis to supply is growing consistently.

Recent years the Consortium affiliated companies and representatives supplied hundreds of units to the order of leading oil producing and oilfield servicing companies including Schlumberger, Weatherford, Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Tatneft, OBC, SSC, CAToil etc.

The Consortuim is represented in territories by representatives, which are reliable and trustful local companies authorised to supply equipmet and technologies. In particular in the territory of Russia and FSU countries.

Along with the supply the Consortium provides a full range of equipment services distributing authorised repair and service points throughout the territory.

The Consortium affiliated companies and representatives are ready to meet all the customer needs providing effecient negotiations of technical issues and timely & low cost supply of equipment and technologies.